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Company Name BuyFoam.com

Address: 1423 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Telephone: 866-672-3626
Fax: 414-672-1144

Payment method: Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express
Delivery area: U.S. and beyond
Sales Tax: All sales taxes paid by Buy Foam
Established: 1926

Our History  

Founded in 1926 by John Stanley as Foam Rubber Products, BuyFoam.com was originally a family-owned upholstery shop. What began as an upholstery business by Stanley eventually grew to become a wholesale business that sold foam products to other upholstery shops. Then, after World War II, the Stanley brothers made the move to sell latex foam rubber, selling foam rubber and foam for cushions to shops and manufacturers around the country. As the years passed, their business continued to evolve and grow as foam rubber technology evolved, and, even when the latex manufacturing plant that produced their foam burned down in the 1970s, they continued to build their business, offering premium foam for individual upholsterers, wholesale upholsterers, and those in the mattress trades.

Today, BuyFoam.com offers 15 different types of high-quality, American-made foam, including everything from foam padding for beds and mattresses to outdoor foam padding for boats and patio sets. Not only do we ship everywhere in the U.S., we offer international shipping as well (although international rates do apply). So, whether you want to buy foam for your business, to build a new deer stand, or for replacement foam cushions to rejuvenate a well-loved piece of furniture, we can help. Explore our website or give us a call today—we’re ready to help you find the best foam for your needs.

Foam Rubber Is All Around You

Think you don’t use much foam? Think again. Every day you’re surrounded by foam products. In fact, whether it’s foam rubber or urethane foam, most of us use foam every hour of every day. While we’re sleeping, while we’re eating, while we’re driving, and while we’re just going about our daily lives, foam is there. Foam is like air: It’s an invisible material that we depend on without every truly seeing it or thinking about it. From the foam mattresses we sleep on, to the foam seating we sit on, to the foam used for packaging, crash pads, and toys, we all use foam every day.

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