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Why Buy Foam at BuyFoam?

All of our high-quality foam products are made in the U.S., and, with proper use and care, can last up to 10 years from the date of purchase. It is important to note, however, that some types of foam are better suited to regular or heavy use than others and that extreme weights or use may damage foam cushions and foam padding for beds, diminishing their lifespan.

 Although we carry 15 different types of foam, we have found that most people who are looking to buy foam rubber are generally most interested in the following:

XL-18 (Soft) Our softest replacement foam, XL-18 is typically used for back cushions, mattress toppers, and furniture cushions.
XL-28 (Medium/Soft) Similar to XL-18 but a bit firmer, XL-28 is typically used for back cushions, mattress toppers, and foam for cushions and furniture.
HR-33 (Medium) This is our “Cadillac of Foam.” A medium density, high-quality foam, HR-33 is typically used for cushions, benches, chairs, mattresses, and other re-upholstery needs. It offers comfort, durability and good support.
XL-38 (Firm) Offering firm support and solid durability, XL-38 is our most popular foam. It is well-suited for use as foam padding for beds, foam cushions, packaging, shipping, dog beds, and other furniture uses. If your cushions are too soft and that’s why you’re looking for replacement foam, XL-38 is likely the foam for you.
XL-48 (Extra Firm) Another firm, durable foam, XL-48 is typically used for kitchen seats, bar stools, exercise benches, bay windows, and benches, as well as mattresses, chairs and sofas.
Charcoal Foam A dense foam used to protect objects from damage, charcoal foam is typically used in camera cases, gun cases, and other foam packaging applications.
Boat Foam This open cell, outdoor foam padding is typically used for replacing boat cushions, boat mattresses, and outdoor patio furniture cushions. We prefer open cell foam because it is more comfortable than closed cell and offers many of the same benefits.

 Don’t see what you need? Give us a call—we’re happy to help you find just the right foam for your foam project. And, we can custom cut foam to meet your unique needs.

Facts About Our Replacement Foam

  • Our premium foam is often superior to the foam found in new products, and it offers a smart, economical way to replace foam rubber in cushions, mattresses, seats, manufactured parts, packaging, and other common projects.
  • In general, thinner foam is softer and thicker foam is firmer. So, the thicker the foam, the firmer it will feel.
  • For everyday use, regular use, or use by heavy-set people, HR- 33, XL-38 and XL-48 foam are recommended.
  • Since thicker foam feels firmer, for foam mattresses and cushions up to 6” thick, we generally recommended XL-38, and for foam cushions and mattresses between 7” and 8” thick, we recommend XL-28 for a firm but soft mattress. For a firmer mattress between 7” and 8” thick, we recommend XL-38 or XL-48 for an extremely firm mattress with little “give.”
  • In general, the more gently you treat foam, the longer it lasts. The more weight, impact, and use that it sees, the less time your replacement foam cushions will last.
  • After cutting, final width and length may vary by up to .5 inches due to the flexibility of the foam and compression during shipping. This is one of the reasons that we recommend adding an extra half inch to each dimension when ordering foam online.
  • Our foam is custom cut, so it typically can take anywhere from 7-10 days for it to be measured, cut and shipped. If you need your foam delivered right away, try our Speed Pass service. For an additional fee, we can fast track your order so that it is shipped out within 24 hours.


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