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Ordering Boat Mattress Foam

  1. Using the existing cushion cover as your guide, measure each dimension from the inside seams. For each dimension, measure in inches and add .5 inches to the total.
  2. Enter the total in the boxes onscreen (where indicated) using decimals. Do not use the inch sign (”) or fractions (1/2). For instance, for 4½” foam, enter 4.5.
  3. Fill in the remaining selections and select Continue.

Note: If the foam for your boat cushions needs to be beveled, or if your foam cannot be cut along the centerline for shipping, please Contact us directly for a price quote.





Type of Foam
Foam Thickness


Our custom cut outdoor foam padding is great for foam padding for beds for boats, boat seat cushions, patio furniture, and any other situation where foam rubber is regularly exposed to moisture. Made in the U.S., our open-cell, custom cut foam cushions readily release moisture and are more comfortable than comparable closed-cell replacement foam cushions.


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