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Ordering Circle Cut Foam Shapes

  1. Measure the diameter (from one end straight across to another end) and the thickness of the cushion cover, in inches. Be sure to measure from the inside seams and add .5 inches to your total.
  2. Enter the total in the boxes onscreen using decimals. Do not use the inch sign (”) or fractions (1/2). For instance, for 4½” foam, enter 4.5.
  3. Fill in the remaining selections and select Continue.


Type of Foam
Foam Thickness


Our custom cut replacement foam cushions and circular foam cushions are great for re-upholstering stools, ottomans, bar stools, padded tables and storage benches, and more. And, our foam is easy to cut and work with. Even if your custom cut foam needs additional trimming once you get it, all you’ll need to cut it are a ruler, a pen or marker, and a sharp knife.

What type of foam is best for your project depends on many factors, including how the item will be used, how firm or soft you want it to be, and how thick your cut of foam will be. For more information on our foam for cushions and mattresses, visit our Our Foam page or give us a call—we’re happy to help.


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